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The TF will comprise 24 RSPO members with balanced representation between growers (12), supply chain (6) and NGO (6) members.


The TF will assign tasks to, and receive proposals from, a range of thematic TCs and thereafter make consensus recommendations regarding the standard’s content and revision to the SSC.

Member Appointment

Each of the seven stakeholder groups nominated a representative and alternative, both RSPO members, to serve on the TF.

Substantive Member

No Name Organisation Category of membership
1 Shylaja Devi Vasudevan Nair MPOA (Sime Darby Plantation Berhad) Grower (Malaysia)
2 Nurul Hasanah Ahamed Hassain Malim FGV Holdings Berhad Grower (Malaysia)
3 Lee Kian Wei United Plantations Berhad Grower (Malaysia)
4 Hendi Hidayat Golden Agri-Resources Ltd Grower (Indonesia)
5 Martin Mach Bumitama Agri Ltd Grower (Indonesia)
6 Henky Satrio Wibowo Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk. (SSMS, Tbk.) Grower (Indonesia)
7 Tulio Dias Brito Agropalma Group Grower (Rest of the World)
8 Florent Robert Siat Grower (Rest of the World)
9 Jose Roberto Montenegro AgroCaribe Grower (Rest of the World)
10 Rukaiyah Rafiq GAPOKTAN Tanjung Sehati Grower (SH/Medium Grower)
11 Jorge Esteban Coronel Arias Agroindustrias de Mapastepec SA de CV (Oleopalma) Grower (SH/Medium Grower)
12 Hiew Koh Thien N.Y.Hiew (Holdings) Sdn Bhd Grower (SH/Medium Grower)
13 Vivi Anita Musim Mas P&T
14 Edrin Moss Wilmar P&T
15 Natasha Mahendran Mars CGM
16 Stefano Severi Ferrero Trading Lux CGM
17 Steven Ripley Tesco Plc. Retailer
18 Jwee Tat, Lee Standard Chartered Bank
19 Flavio Linares Solidaridad Social NGO
20 Heni Martanila Yayasan Inobu Social NGO
21 Margaret Chin Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) Social NGO
22 Darrel Webber Earth Innovation Institute Env NGO
23 Armstrong MBA ACHA Zoological Society of London Env NGO
24 Michelle Desilets Orangutan Land Trust Env NGO

Alternate Member

No Name Organisation Category of membership
1 Thien Jing Wen Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad Grower (Malaysia)
2 Wan Adlin bin Wan Mahmood Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad Grower (Malaysia)
3 Sivaji Raja Palanisamy Genting Plantations Berhad Grower (Malaysia)
4 Diana Ratna Devie PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Agri Grower (Indonesia)
5 Rama Aditya Kusuma PT Gawi Makmur Kalimantan Grower (Indonesia)
6 Welly Joel Candra PT Inti Indosawit Subur Grower (Indonesia)
7 HOUNGNONVI H. OLIVIER DEKELOIL Grower (Rest of the World)
8 Laura Reyes FEDEPALMA - National Federation of Oil Palm Growers of Colombia Grower (Rest of the World)
9 Sander Van den Ende SIPEF Grower (Rest of the World)
10 Ian Orell NBPOL Grower (SH/Medium Grower)
11 Sharyn Shufiyan Wild Asia Grower (SH/Medium Grower)
13 William Siow IOI Corporation Berhad P&T
14 Gledjike Nemann Nelson Francelin ADAM AFRIQUE SARL P&T
15 Rebecca Kelty TrendPac Laboratories Pty Ltd CGM
16 Aitor Gamen Coty Inc. CGM
17 VACANT   Retailer
18 Jess Leong HSBC Bank
19 Lanash Thanda BC Initiative Social NGO
20 Sendy Tissia Nathalia de Soysa Yayasan FORTASBI Indonesia Social NGO
21 VACANT   Social NGO
22 Muhamad Faizuddin Zainuddin Global Environment Centre Env NGO
23 Emma Scott Flora Fauna.org Env NGO
24 Harjinder Kler Hutan Env NGO