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Checks and Audits

If and how your company will be audited for using Palmtrace credits

For the sake of transparency and traceability, the use of RSPO credits is audited if you claim more than 500 credits annually. The auditing process for buyers of RSPO credits is described below. Please be aware that if you do not complete your audit by the desired date, you will not be able to trade in credits or make claims until RSPO receives confirmation of the agreed audit date.

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Auditing Examples

For more clarity on who needs to be audited in what situations, we have provided a few of the most common examples in which an audit is/is not required.

Example 1

Contact an RSPO certified grower and make a bid for your desired credits. In the bid email include the credit type, quantity and credit price in $ USD (excluding RSPO/UTZ brokerage).

Example 2

Once you have reached an agreement, either the buyer or seller has to report the deal online on PalmTrace. The deal will become visitble in the market but the price will not be disclosed.

Example 3

Trade confirmation emails and invoices will be sent by UTZ once you have reported the deal online.

Step By Step

A step-by-step guide to credit trading.


Special Deals

Information on off-market deals and supporting independent smallholders.


Conversion, Claims and Fees

More on offsetting your palm oil usage, hot to use credits for claims and PalmTrace fees