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New Planting Procedure

Endorsement of the New Planting Procedure (NPP), NPP 2015

The RSPO Board of Governor (BoG) has endorsed the New Planting Procedure (NPP) at their recent meeting in November 2015. This endorsed document, NPP 2015 replaces the earlier version which was published in 2009 (this includes the five supporting documents as published on the RSPO website) and it is effective from 1st January 2016 (with a 6 (six) months grace period). That means that NPP’s issued to the RSPO/CB’s between 1st January 2016 and 1st July 2016 can be based on the earlier version or the NPP 2015. However RSPO producer members, certification bodies (CBs), assessors and other affected stakeholders are strongly encouraged to start implementing NPP 2015 as it will be made compulsory by 1st July 2016.

For further information on the announcement, please click here.