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Public Consultation - RSPO Smallholder standard

In June 2017, the RSPO Board of Governance (BoG) approved the RSPO Smallholder Strategy which commits RSPO to develop new approaches to support greater inclusion of smallholders into the RSPO system. The strategy set outs three objectives, including “to increase the number of smallholders included in the RSPO system through the simplification of the certification approach and pro-active engagements with pilots such as jurisdictional approaches” . The recognition that inclusiveness for smallholders is fundamental for RSPO to achieve its desired impact is also emphasised in the Theory of Change, adopted in September 2017. 

Accordingly, the Smallholder Interim Group (SHIG) was formed to develop recommendations for a revised approach to smallholder inclusion via a simplification of the RSPO Standard. This has resulted in the development of a separate and new standard under the RSPO: the RSPO Smallholder Standard. This RSPO Smallholder Standard applies exclusively to independent smallholders as defined under the applicability definition of this Standard, taking into account the reality of the smallholder context and their needs. Smallholders qualified to apply the RSPO Smallholder Standard can be certified by complying with the principles and criteria of the Smallholder Standard and do NOT have to follow the generic P&Cs for large growers and mills, as currently obliged.

In addition to simplified principles and criteria, the RSPO Smallholder Standard also presents a lower burden for entry into the RSPO system and a simpler and phased process for reaching and verifying compliance against the RSPO Smallholder Standard principles and criteria. The development of the overall process of the RSPO  Smallholder Standard has been guided by the need to strike a balance between promoting greater inclusion of smallholders and ensuring that core sustainability requirements are upheld. 

You can download the draft text of the proposed RSPO Smallholder Standard which presents and explains the various elements of the standard and process here

You can access the online survey to provide and submit your feedback on the draft text of the RSPO Smallholder Standard here

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Specific consultation workshops on the RSPO Smallholder Standard will also be organised in five locations; pre-registration will be required. Please see below an overview of all the consultation workshops scheduled in June and July 2018:We very much encourage and welcome all comments and feedback.

Location Date Language Contact
La Ceiba, Honduras 20.06.2018 Spanish francisco.naranjo@rspo.org
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10.07.2018 Bahasa Malaysia & English kertijah.kadir@rspo.org
Jakarta, Indonesia 12.07.2018 Bahasa Indonesia djaka.riksanto@rspo.org
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire 13.07.2018 French elikplim.dziwornu@rspo.org
Krabi, Thailand 24.07.2018 Thai thitinai@rspo.org