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Expression of Interest to be Trainer for RSPO Drainability Assessment

The RSPO Drainability Assessment (DA) Procedure was developed to support oil palm growers to assess future subsidence and flood risks of peatlands, as well as to adjust their management processes to reduce subsidence rates and prolong the workable lifetime of their plantations.

The DA Procedure will enable growers to phase out oil palm and introduce more water-tolerant crop types or restore natural vegetation prior to the plantations subsiding to river or sea levels. It will also enable compliance with the requirement to undertake drainability assessments prior to any replanting on peat as specified in the RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) 2013 (Indicator 4.3.5) and P&C 2018 (Indicator 7.7.5).

The current DA Procedure was published on RSPO’s website on 11 June 2019. RSPO is pleased to announce a call for application from training providers to conduct both classroom and field-based training on this Procedure.

Interested applicants may submit their expression of interest along with their profile, relevant expertise and previous training experience of similar scope (if any) to tender@rspo.org by 6.00pm MYT 28th February 2020.

For any queries, kindly contact us at ghg@rspo.org.