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Expression of Interest as Consultant to Develop RSPO HCSA Assessment Implementation Guidance

With the adoption of the P&C 2018, RSPO members are required to conduct either an HCV-HCSA assessment or Standalone HCSA assessment prior to any new development after 15 November 2018. These assessments, while conducted by an external licensed HCV-HCSA/HCSA assessor, include certain pre-conditions and post assessment activities which are needed on the part of the RSPO member prior to being included in the NPP summary report.

In light of these requirements, there is a need for a guidance document for RSPO members wishing to conduct the HCV-HCSA/HCSA assessment for planned new developments. With this guidance, RSPO members would be guided on what assessments/procedures/activities are required prior to conducting an HCV-HCSA assessment and steps post assessment leading to the submission of the New Planting Procedure (NPP) summary report.

The RSPO is calling for tender for the development of the HCSA Assessment Implementation Guidance. All Interested applicants are advised to read and consider the ToR and submit their expression of interest together with their profile/CV and relevant expertise to tender@rspo.org latest by 3rd March 2020, 6PM MYT.

For further enquiries, kindly contact Amir Afham at amir.afham@rspo.org