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Expression of Interest as Consultant to Develop High Carbon Stock Assessment (HCSA) Reviewer’s Template

RSPO is pleased to announce a call for application to develop HCSA reviewer’s template which will be used for standalone HCSA assessments submitted to the HCSA by RSPO members for the HCSA Peer Review Process.

The developed template shall include a pass/fail mechanism for the forest identification section of the assessment and provide a clarity for RSPO members on the follow up measures required prior to moving forward with their planned new developments.   

Interested applicants are advised to read and consider the ToR then to submit their expression of interest together with their profile/CV and relevant expertise in this area to tender@rspo.org latest by 3rd March 2020, 6PM MYT.

For further enquiries, kindly contact Amir Afham through email at amir.afham@rspo.org.