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The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Complaints System is a fair, transparent, and impartial process to duly handle and address complaints against RSPO members. In resolving complaints, the Complaint Panel may appoint independent investigators or experts in any relevant field and hear their reports through the Secretariat.

In supporting the Complaints Panel investigation, the RSPO Secretariat is looking for experts to review the Environmental Impact Assessment of a party to the Complaint, with details of the complaint as seen in the Case Tracker here.


Interested individuals or consulting firms should meet the minimum requirements below:

  1. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English. 
  2. Required to have a valid license as an AMDAL evaluator/assessor and/or compiler of the AMDAL issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and Environment. 
  3. In-depth knowledge of RSPO standards. 
  4. In-depth knowledge of and experience in the Indonesian palm oil sector. 
  5. Able to provide a report within the agreed timeline.


Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals, including the following information in their expressions of interest: 

1. A brief statement addressing the rationale for application based on the qualification required.

2. An overall work plan with a time frame, including fee quote.

3. Curriculum Vitae(s).

4. Examples of similar or previous projects demonstrating ability to undertake work of similar nature.

5. Declaration of any potential conflicts of interest with the related parties.

6. All documents submitted in response to this ToR must be written in English.

For more information, please refer to the Terms of Reference (ToR) attached. 

All applications must be emailed to tender@rspo.org and copy esti.nuringdiah@rspo.org by 25 June 2021. Should you encounter any problems or if you have any enquiries relating to this tender, please contact sarsongko@rspo.org and esti.nuringdiah@rspo.org.