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Call for Expression of Interest: Study on Documenting the Economic Values of Micro and Small-scale Oil Palm Processing in Central and West Africa

Indicator 7.12.3 of the RSPO Principles & Criteria 2018 (P&C 2018) states, “In High Forest Cover Landscapes (HFCLs) within HFCCs, a specific procedure will apply for legacy cases and development by Indigenous Peoples and local communities with legal or customary rights, taking into consideration regional and national multi-stakeholder processes. Until this procedure is developed and endorsed, 7.12.2 applies.” The No Deforestation Joint Steering Group (NDJSG) was mandated to discuss and develop the ‘specific procedures’ for legacy cases and development by Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and Iocal communities (LCs).

In line with the efforts to support the development of this procedure by the NDJSG, RSPO is calling a tender for a study on documenting the economic values of micro and small-scale oil palm processing in Central and West Africa. This study aims to provide the NDJSG with relevant information on the existing small and micro scale oil palm development suited for development by IPs and LCs and explore their relationships/arrangements with mills. The information from this study shall guide the development works of the NDJSG. Further details of the study are outlined in the Terms of Reference below.

If you are interested in conducting this study, please submit your proposal to tender@rspo.org and the closing date to submit proposals will be 6 June 2021 at 6:00 p.m. (MYT).

For any enquiries relating to this tender, please contact amir.afham@rspo.org