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Call for Expression of Interest - Drainability Assessment Reviewer

Indicator 7.7.5 of the 2018 RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) require oil palm growers to undertake drainability assessments prior to any replanting on peat. The RSPO Drainability Assessment (DA) procedure was developed in June 2019 to enable growers to assess the potential lifespan of a plantation on peat before reaching its natural drainable limit.

At present, growers are required to submit their DA report based on the RSPO DA procedure to the RSPO Secretariat for review. Only upon approval replanting can commence on peatlands.

The RSPO is inviting for expressions of interest from interested parties to submit a profile comprising of relevant expertise for the role of Drainability Assessment Reviewer to ghg@rspo.org by 1 April 2021.