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Announcement: Expression of Interest to Develop a Guidance on Gender Inclusion and Compliance to P&C 2018

The adoption of the revised RSPO standards in 2018 now requires RSPO Members to align their policies to recognise and integrate a gender equal view and best practices within their operations.

 This step forward to comply to a more gender responsive standard is aimed at promoting more sustainable livelihoods and reducing poverty within the sector as well as encouraging human resource efficiency, productivity and profitability. The push in this area stems from research which has highlighted that women, in particular, have been marginalised and discriminated against. Other difficulties suffered by women in this sector are unrecognised land ownership and land use, lack of training, lack of equal job opportunities and the lack of protection both as workers and producers. The injustice suffered by women, as much as it may be perceived as a lack of inclusivity also has a direct impact on the livelihood of male workers and families.

In order to assist RSPO Members to meet the standards on gender inclusivity in the P&C 2018, there is a need for a development of a ‘Guidance on Gender Inclusion in Compliance to P&C 2018’. With this guidance, RSPO members should be guided on how  to identify gender gaps within their policies and operations through tools and strategies and to show best practices which can be implemented on the ground to promote sustainable livelihoods within their operations.

Interested applicants are advised to read and consider the ToR (attached) and submit their expression of interest together with their profile, relevant expertise, and proposed methodology on how they intend to take on this project, one month from the date of this announcement.

Kindly submit your expression of interest to tender@rspo.org by 6:00pm MYT on 17th January 2020.

For any queries, kindly contact Prasad Vijaya Segaran at prasad.segaran@rspo.org.