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Sales of certified oil continue to rise rapidly

Sales of RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil continue to grow significantly. In March 2010, a record 136,000 tonnes (or corresponding certificates) were purchased from palm oil producers, even more than the 126,000 tonnes that were produced that same month.

Sales can exceed production in a particular month if buyers purchased volumes of oil or certificates that reflected earlier production. For example, March 2010 marked the last opportunity for growers to sell certificates covering oil produced in 2009. More certified oil is projected to enter the market in the months ahead.

In 2010's first quarter, the overall market uptake of sustainable palm oil was 95 percent. More than 1.8 million tonnes of RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil have been produced since 2008, while close to 0.7 million tonnes were purchased by traders, consumer good manufacturers and retailers. (Note: See RSPO's Market Center at www.rspo.info for other up-to-date numbers.)