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RSPO PalmTrace webpage revamped and enhanced

RSPO’s Book and Claim model is supported through the trade of RSPO Credits via the PalmTrace trading platform. This model allows mills, crushers and independent smallholders to easily participate in the market for sustainable oil palm products. Some of the benefits of the Book and Claim model include:

  • Enables buyers to support growers and smallholders in the production of sustainable palm oil by directly rewarding them through the purchase of credits
  • Makes RSPO more inclusive by linking the independent smallholder groups with the market
  • Offers opportunity for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, to meet their timebound commitments of 100% use of certified sustainable oil palm products by purchasing RSPO credits

RSPO PalmTrace was successfully launched in January 2017.

Webpage update meets demand for transparency

With the worldwide demand for balanced information and transparency, RSPO has taken the opportunity to revamp and enhance the PalmTrace webpage on RSPO’s website. The page has been improved to provide market information on all types of RSPO Credits, market trends for the past few years, and RSPO Credits that have been claimed by members.

Information on PalmTrace now more accessible

Stakeholders can now obtain more information on PalmTrace—from the registration process and requesting of licenses, to traceable products on PalmTrace, administration fees, and more—on its webpage. One of the most recent updates covers more detailed market information on RSPO Credits trading. This includes published trading data on certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), certified sustainable palm kernel oil (CSPKO), certified sustainable palm kernel expeller (CSPKE), independent smallholders certified sustainable palm oil (IS-CSPO), independent smallholders certified sustainable palm kernel oil (IS-CSPKO), independent smallholders certified sustainable palm kernel expeller (IS-CSPKE), and RSPO NEXT. Users can now trace the volumes and rates of RSPO Credits traded from seven days ago to as recent as 15 minutes ago. Tables and graphs have also been specifically designed to make market information more digestible.

Click here to find out more about the latest PalmTrace features.