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Indian conglomerate commits to sustainable palm oil use

3F Industries Ltd, one of India’s prominent multinational corporations in the edible oils import and production sector, announced their commitment towards the sustainable palm oil movement last month. The company operates in more than 10 countries, importing, producing, and processing 200,000 metric tonnes of palm oil products annually. In July 2018, they have completed their first purchase of 1100 MTs of RSPO certified palm oil products.

In a meeting with RSPO India representative Kamal Prakash Seth, 3F Industries Ltd shared their vision to promote, popularise, and encourage the use of RSPO certified palm oil with their clients. Kamal expressed his excitement in seeing such a positive initiative from an Indian conglomerate, making a pledge for sustainable palm oil, and the commitment to invest in a sustainable future, together with 3F Industries Ltd’s stakeholders. “3F Industries Ltd has pledged to procure certified sustainable palm oil and its derivatives,” Kamal said. “They are also proactively creating awareness about sustainable palm oil among Indian businesses and consumers. They are promoting a shared vision for sustainable palm oil through various channels such as their website, brochures, and even through a message on their invoices to clients. With practical measures like this, Indian businesses can lead the way and play an active role in meeting the global goals for sustainable development.”

‘Achieving a shared vision’ is a company goal

“Today, there is an ever-urgent need and growing global concern for commodities to be produced without causing harm to the environment or society. It is essential that natural assets are nurtured while fostering economic growth. We need to work together to improve the economic and social well-being of our local community for a better tomorrow.” - Sushil Goenka, Director & CEO, 3F Industries Ltd.

The company had a humble start back in the 1960s with food fats and fertilisers, and since then, has become a well-known conglomerate both locally and internationally. Since joining the RSPO in 2014, 3F Industries Ltd has been committed to the cause of RSPO, and is endeavouring to create awareness and promote the message to their consumers and other stakeholders.

RSPO commends 3F Industries Ltd for leading the charge towards a more sustainable palm oil supply chain for India.