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Daily sustainable palm oil production surpasses 5,000 tonnes mark

A spate of recent grower certifications has pushed the daily production rate of RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil past the 5,000 tonnes (metric tons) mark.

Every day now, the equivalent of a 3 kilometre container freight train leaves palm oil mills and plantations independently certified to comply with the RSPO's criteria for sustainable palm oil farming.

Since the fall of 2008, more than 2.2 million tonnes of certified palm oil have been produced, or 2.8 million tonnes if certified palm kernels are counted as well.

At the other end of the global supply chain, rising numbers of manufacturers and retailers are beginning to purchase sustainable palm oil or corresponding certificates. In 2010 alone, close to 600,000 tons of sustainably produced palm oil and palm kernels were taken up by the market.