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Colombian group of companies earns first RSPO certification

Colombian companies see fruition for ‘ambitious plan’

Earlier this month, BioD, a group of integrated companies from throughout the palm oil supply chain, from oil palm growers to biodiesel producers, earned its first RSPO supply chain certification. It was an ambitious plan, with a total of 15 Colombia-based companies targeting certification. At an event held last 14 December, RSPO’s Technical Manager for Latin America Francisco Naranjo, Consultant for Zero Deforestation Productive Chains for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Ivan Dario Valencia, representatives of Fedepalma and Fedebiocombustibles, and directors of the main palm oil companies of the BioD group celebrated this milestone.

BioD general manager gives credit to team members

This marks the first step in the sustainability strategy of the group, which aims to vertically certify its entire supply chain in 2018. In his speech, BioD General Manager Tito Eduardo Salcedo said they were humbled to achieve RSPO certification, and credited the achievement to team members in the organisation and in their plantations. “It is because of their dedication, their visions, and their willingness to constantly improve that we are here today. If I could have managed, I would have wanted all of them to be here with us. Unfortunately, I just don’t think we could have fit 8,300 team members from 15 companies in this room,” he said.

Salcedo also thanked RSPO for “inspiring us with their values ​​to participate in the challenge of ensuring that oil palm in Colombia is cultivated in a sustainable manner.”

Congratulations, BioD, on your certification!