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SCC Lead Auditor Refresher Course (4th November 2021)


04 Nov 2021 0800 UK London time. (Please check your time zones)




GBP £350.00

(Invoices can be raised in USD $ using bank exchange rate at that time as a guide)


For a registration form, please contact:

David Ogg (david@checkmarktraining.com)




This course provides the necessary foundation for Certification bodies to further develop auditor competency and audit skills in accordance with the RSPO SCC Systems. It includes the changes from SCC 2017 to SCC 2020 Standard and Systems and covers all subjects required for RSPO SCC Refresher course.

We ensure that all SCC auditors start their careers with a total and fundamental understanding of the RSPO SCC Standard and Systems (February 2020) and of subjects most commonly raised, including:

  • MB accounting.

  • Oleochemicals.

  • Min 95% rule.

  • audit techniques, ASAs, Closure of NCs

  • SCC requirements for CPO Mills as detailed in P3.8 of the RSPO P&Cs 2018.

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance as proof of this on-going qualification.

There is no written exam.

The course is supported by Excel spreadsheets and Word Documents that are designed for auditors and companies in the supply chain.


  • Module 1: The RSPO. Oil Palm. Oil Palm before and after RSPO certification. Oil Palm Products.

  • Module 2: Supply chain models. RSPO oil palm products. RSPO inputs and outputs. Calculating quantities of “palm”.

  • Module 3: SCC Standard Supply Chain Models. IP. SG. MB and BC.

  • Module 4: Multi-site certification.

  • Module 5: Group Certification.

  • Module 6: Food service companies.

  • Module 7: General SCC requirements.

  • Module 8: Palm Trace.

  • Module 9: RSPO Rules on Market Communication and Claims.

  • Module 10: Oleochemicals.

  • Module 11: RSPO SCC Systems.

  • Module 12: Audit techniques.