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RSPO Endorsed RSPO Supply Chain Certification Training Course ++


02 Oct 2017 - 03 Oct 2017


Park Inn by Radisson. Berlin, Germany


This course is designed for the following delegates:

  • Auditors who have the intention to become an RSPO SCC Lead Auditor.
  • Qualified RSPO SCC Lead Auditors requiring a refresher course.
  • Certification body personnel and third party auditors.
  • All companies in the supply chain from palm oil mills to retailers who purchase, process, manufacture and sell products containing palm oil and palm kernel oil and their derivatives.
  • Any individual or organisation interested in learning more about the RSPO Supply Chain.


RSPO Certification Training Manuals by David Ogg and Partners Ltd.

All delegates will receive a soft copy of the Volume 3:

“RSPO Supply Chain Certification for the Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Supply Chains”.

Extending to some 154 pages, the 13 chapters cover all aspects of the RSPO supply chain, the Models and Modular requirements and includes internal audit and compliance manuals to help with the preparation of management systems for SCC compliance.


RSPO Updates for 2017.

The November 2014 RSPO SCC Standard and Systems will be fully updated by mid-2017.

The RSPO Rules for Oleochemicals and its Derivatives were revised in December 2016.

The RSPO Rules on Claims and Communication have had several changes since 2015.


Day 1: 0830 – 1700

This day includes practical examples of compliance.

  • Understanding the origins of palm and kernel oil and the complete supply chain.
  • Understanding the supply chain models and associated modules.
  • Understanding the audit requirements for each model.
  • Oleochemicals and its derivatives.
  • Document templates and audit reports.​

Day 2: 0830 – 1700.

  • ​RSPO claims and the use of the RSPO Trademark and Logo.
  • Understanding accreditation, certification and auditor qualifications.
  • Audit management program.
  • Report writing.
  • Written examination. (1 hour – compulsory for all Lead Auditors). Lap top computer is required.


Pre-course reading and examination.

All delegates are required to spend at least 4 hours reading pre-course material and potential lead auditors must complete a pre-course exam. This material will be sent upon receipt of the course fee.​

Delegates who sit and pass the final examination, will receive a certificate to certify successful completion of the RSPO endorsed RSPO Supply Chain Certification course.