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Webinar: Shared Responsibility Introductory Session

The RSPO Secretariat invites members to join this introductory session where we will present the RSPO Shared Responsibility (SR). 

As shown in the Shared Responsibility Requirements and Implementation document, endorsed in 2019, Shared Responsibility relies on a set of requirements tacking social and environmental aspects, CSP(K)O uptake, etc., to be implemented by Ordinary members with the goal of achieving RSPO’s vision — to make sustainable palm oil the norm.

During this introductory webinar, we will navigate through some basic concepts as well as the current situation and the steps forward. Your questions, comments and concerns are very much welcome and appreciated.

The webinar will be given in English and will be repeated on two different days in order to adapt to the different time zones. If the need to develop the webinar in different regional languages arises, we will plan them in the near future.

Please join us for this interactive webinar to discuss these key topics further.