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Terms of Reference for Members of the RSPO P&C Review Taskforce 2017

Following best practices, RSPO is now planning for a second review of its Principles and  Criteria. The RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) at its recent meeting, has endorsed the attached Terms of Reference for P&C Review Task Force which provide steps and timeline for the process.


With the publication of the ToRs, RSPO members from various sectors can now start nominating their representatives in the Task Force through the members of the BoG. Deliberation on the structure and content of the revised standard will be made through physical Task Force meetings followed by public consultations where all stakeholders can contribute and participate in the process. 


It is envisaged that the whole process may take about one year before a final draft can be ready for endorsement of the BoG prior to ratification by the members at the General Assembly in November 2018.


RSPO  Secretariat will publish reports on the progress of this consensus decision making activity from time to time through out the review period.