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[Tender Announcement] Technical Assistance for Development of cloud/on-line based Information of Palm Oil Independent Smallholders - Indonesia

The global operation of RSPO since 2004 identify that independent smallholderis one of few major groups that can help RSPO to achieve its vision and mission. However, among the regions where RSPO identifies the potential independent smallholder groups, Indonesia become the most significant number of palm oil smallholder producer, both scheme and independent, (with around total of  ~ 6 million smallholders) contributes to the global FFB, including portion to RSPO certified mills. RSPO is an attempt to improve global competitiveness of Indonesia palm oil independent smallholder and equipped them to comply with RSPO standard to sustainably supply FFB to both domestic and global palm oil market.

The lack of administrative oversight on smallholder licenses, there is the unavailabilityof reliable data that were classified as potential smallholder for global standard and meet the global market requirement. Unlocking the potential of Indonesian smallholders towards sustainability, the RSPO needs a standardized smallholder’s data that follow the RSPO certification typology to promote sustainable practices through its principles and criteria continuously. This tender is an early exercise to identify a typologyof independent smallholders in Indonesia. As such, the technical assistance under the assessment is expected to provide formally classified independent smallholder in Indonesia that are ready for RSPO Certification and what these categories entail for future development to meet its economic size.

Link to the tender and related documents.