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RSPO to Refocus Smallholder Support Fund Distribution

In an effort to further improve current practices and the approach to increase smallholder inclusion into the RSPO system, the RSPO Smallholder Support Fund (RSSF) will shift the distribution of funds towards the implementation of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy.

RSPO will focus its commitment on assisting smallholders with the strategy’s defined three key objectives; to support smallholders in improving their livelihood, simplifying the certification approach, and widening their access to the global market. 

Consequently, Smallholder Certification and Impact Projects will no longer be funded by RSSF. The last call for submissions for RSSF funding for Smallholder Certification and Impact projects will close on 15 September 2018.  The One-off Audit Cost projects will continue to be funded by RSSF, however, as this provides direct support to Objective 2 of the Smallholder Strategy; aiding smallholder groups to achieve RSPO certification.

If you have further enquiries, please do get in touch with us at rssf@rspo.org.