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RSPO Shared Responsibility Task Force Recommendations Public Consultation Announcement

Non-grower members of RSPO - this is your opportunity to provide input into the requirements being developed for your membership categories

The STRF was established in early 2019 with representation across all member categories to define shared responsibility and recommend strategies for collecting, reporting, monitoring and evaluating including mechanism for incentives and sanctions.  The SRTF recommendations are based on initial thinking from the restructure subgroup of the P&C Review Taskforce, review of existing RSPO systems (current and planned), organisational documents, RSPO Secretariat input, 75 interviews and surveys with stakeholders from all sectors, four SRTF teleconferences and an in-person SRTF workshop.  For more on the background and work to date, please visit https://rspo.org/about/supporting-bodies#shared-responsibility-task-force

The draft document  is now open for public consultation. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on the SRTF recommendations enabling all members to align and multiply efforts for collective action and drive impact.

Please download the SRTF recommendations document HERE and read its entirety as understanding all elements of the proposed requirements and mechanisms will aide to answer the individual sections in the survey:


Please note that only comments received via the online survey or as submitted in the two consultation workshops (Utrecht, 13th of June and Chicago, 26th of June) will  be accepted.

The public consultation will last for 30 days from 12 June 2019 to 11 July 2019.