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RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedures

On March 6th 2014 the Board of Governors of the RSPO accepted the recommendations of the CTF to start a staged implementation of the Remediation and Compensation Procedures. This staged implementation is designed to gather additional information and experiences in order to further refine the finalised procedures.

The staged implementation, with an effective start date of May 9, 2014,  requires all RSPO members who own and/or manage land for oil palm production to comply with all sections of the Remediation and Compensation Procedures, up to and including Section 7,  ‘Calculating conservation liability’.

Companies are required to disclose any non-compliant land clearance by end of July 2014 and submit a Land Use Change analysis by end of September 2014. The procedures and reporting template requirements can be downloaded below.

For any inquiries or feedbacks, please contact soochin.oi@rspo.org

 File   Type  Size  Translation
 Announcement on Compensation Procedures and Staged Implementation Cover Letter  Pdf  340Kb  Bahasa Indonesia
 RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedures  Pdf  851Kb  Bahasa Indonesia
 Study on the Restoration Cost and Returns from Oil Palm Industry Prepared by ERE  Pdf  302Kb  
 LUCC Reporting Checklist   Pdf  345Kb  Bahasa Indonesia
 LUCC Reporting Checklist Table Aug 2014   Word  45Kb  Bahasa Indonesia
 Reporting Template for Disclosure of Liability   Excel   14Kb  Bahasa Indonesia
 Reporting Template for LUCC  Excel  18Kb   Bahasa Indonesia

RSPO Compensation Procedures Outreach Program

Presentation materials

Click link to download

RSPO Outreach Program Jakarta, 20th June 2014 LUC Analysis


RSPO Outreach Program Kuala Lumpur 24th June 2014_LUC Analysis


RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedures JKT and KL


SDP HCV Remediation Project (Tang MK) - CP Roadshow Jun'14

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