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RSPO Integrity Project 2016

The RSPO and ASI are committed to continuously strengthen the implementation of the RSPO requirements.  Certification bodies are key partners in these efforts. During the recent RSPO Certification Body Forum organised in Bandung, Indonesia between the 19th and the 21st of January ASI has announced the RSPO Integrity Project to be conducted in 2016.

The integrity project aims to strengthen the implementation of the RSPO requirements, identify gaps and weaknesses in the RSPO standards and provide a platform for calibration between RSPO, ASI and the certification bodies offering RSPO certification.

László Máthé, ASI’s RSPO Program Manager has stated that: “The integrity project will consist of an analysis of the non-conformities raised by the certification bodies, a series of compliance assessments followed by calibration workshops. “  The cooperation of certification bodies and certificate holders is a key ingredient for the success of the project.

Salahudin Yaacob, Technical Director of RSPO, welcomed the project: “RSPO is continuously evolving and we always welcome constructive efforts aimed at further improving the credibility of the RSPO standards and certification scheme. The project should be seen by all parties involved as a good opportunity to highlight best practices and identify areas that need further attention”.

The project is expected to be concluded in the second half of 2016. ASI will prepare a full public report to be made available to interested stakeholders.

For more information please contact László Máthé (l.mathe@accreditation-services.com) and Salahudin Yaacob (salahudin.yaacob@rspo.org).