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RSPO BoG endorsed Nigeria NI (NGNI 2017)

The RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) has endorsed the Nigeria National Interpretation (NGNI) document on 14th June 2017. NGNI 2017, as it is known, is based on the RSPO P&C 2013.

NGNI 2017 has been developed by a working group with balanced representation from all the RSPO stakeholder groups. The working group held numerous physical meetings prior to finalising the document. In compliance to international best practice, public consultations were held as part of creating awareness and getting feedback on the NGNI 2017 document.

Prior to endorsement by the BoG, the document has been reviewed by the RSPO Secretariat and members of the RSPO Standards & Certification Standing Committee (S&CSC).

The endorsed document is effective immediately. Certification bodies (CBs) and RSPO member companies are strongly encourages to start using NGNI 2017 for any new audits as well as annual surveillance audits (ASAs). It is compulsory for all audits and ASAs carried out from 31st August 2017 to be based on the NGNI 2017.

The NGNI 2017 document is available here (http://www.rspo.org/key-documents/certification/rspo-national-interpretations). 

For further clarification, please contact Mr. Salahudin Yaacob, Technical Director (salahudin.yaacob@rspo.org) and Mr Jan Van Driel, Head of Certification (janvandriel@rspo.org).