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Public Consultation on the Introduction of RSPO NEXT

We are pleased to announce the opening today of a Public Consultation on RSPO NEXT, a voluntary add on program to the RSPO P&C Certification.

RSPO NEXT was developed by a Working Group of a cross section of Board of Governors members comprised of Growers, Processors & Traders, Retailers, Social and Environmental NGO’s.  The group developed guidance on the themes of No Deforestation, No Fire, No Planting on Peat, Reduction of GHGs, Respect for Human Rights and Transparency.

You may find the proposed rules (DOWNLOAD HERE) for review.  Comments are encouraged from all interested parties.  We encourage you to provide your comments by responding to the online survey available here in English, aquí para español, y voici pour le français.  If experiencing issues with the survey, please feel free to provide comments via email to rsponext@rspo.org.  Please submit your comments by close of business (GMT+8) on Tuesday 6 October 2015.

We invite and encourage comments from all members and interested stakeholders.  We also encourage you to forward this notice on to all interested parties for their participation.

All comments will be reviewed and used to inform the drafting of a recommendation to be presented to the Board of Governors for finalizing the rules of the program in November 2015.

We look forward to hearing from you.