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Public Consultation Announcement for DAP Version 2

With the adoption of the revised RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) in November 2018, companies with existing cultivation on peatland are required to undertake a drainability assessment prior to replanting as specified in Indicator 7.7.5. Under the guidance of the Peatland Working Group-2, the RSPO Drainability Assessment Procedure Version 1.1 was developed and is being used over an implementation period after which it was subjected to review and is to be updated where necessary.

Based on the experiences gained over the implementation period, the RSPO Drainability Assessment Procedure Version 2 has been drafted with better illustrations, detailing important information that was necessary based on the drainability reports received thus far, as well as a user’s checklist to facilitate the completeness of the report that is submitted to RSPO for review.

The draft of this document is now up for Public Consultation for 30 days from 21st July 2021 until 21st August 2021.

The draft of the document in English and Bahasa Indonesia (PDF format) is now available for download at the end of this announcement. Subsequently, please submit your comments using the comments template available below before 21st August 2021 to ghg@rspo.org.

You may reach out to ghg@rspo.org for more information about the public consultation.