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Price Reduction on RSPO eTrace

Price Reduction Communications RSPO eTrace           

Oktober 14th 2013

The information in this communication is addressed to RSPO eTrace trading members.


First buyer fee for physical trade of CSPO
We are pleased to inform you that as of Oktober 14, the official fee for the first buyer will be lowered to USD 2,35.  The new fee will be applied based upon the confirmation of a transaction. This means that an announced transaction from September 30th that gets confirmed on Oktober 14th will have the new admin fee of USD 2.35.

All newly created transactions after Oktober 14th will have the new admin fee of USD 2.35 by default.
Spread the news
We kindly ask you to distribute this information within your organization to those involved in the trade of physical CSPO in RSPO eTrace.

If you have any questions about RSPO eTrace, please send your enquiries to palmoil@support.utzcertified.org