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Physical Public Consultation for RSPO Technical Documents

The RSPO has completed the revisions of the following technical documents:

1)      RSPO Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Standard Setting and Review (Version March 2017)

2)      RSPO Certifications Systems for Principles & Criteria (Version: Final draft, January 2017)

3)      RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (Version 2, November 2016) - Updated

4)      RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems Document (Version 2, November 2016) - Updated


The RSPO Board of Governors (BoG), at the recent meeting, has recommended the RSPO Secretariat to carry out further consultation with relevant stakeholders on the above documents.


In relation to that, the RSPO Secretariat will be organising a workshop to discuss the above documents. The RSPO Secretariat would like to invite interested stakeholders to participate in the workshop which is planned to be held as follows:


Date    :  22nd & 23rd March 2017  (Wednesday & Thursday)


Time    : 8:30am to 5:30pm


Venue   : Pod Square, Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur.


Agenda :

Day 1, 22nd March 2017 (Wednesday)

  • RSPO Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Standards Setting and Review (Version: Final Draft, October 2016)

  • RSPO Certification Systems for Principles & Criteria (Version: Final Draft, January 2017)


​​​Day 2, 23rd March 2017 (Thursday)

  • RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (Version 2, November 2016)

  • RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems Document (Version 2, November 2016)


In order to ease logistical preparations, we urge interested stakeholders to kindly confirm their registration by indicating the participant(s)’s full name, organisation & designation before or by 20th March 2017, Monday, 5pm. There are no participation fees. As seats are limited, we look forward to receive one nomination per organisation.


To register, please send emails to: Ms Eileen Chiang (eileen.chiang@rspo.org) AND Ms Amanina (amanina.zahir@rspo.org) with the title “Physical Public Consultation - March 2017”.


For those who cannot participate physically, you are welcome to submit comment(s) by using the comments template. Please send your comments before or on 20th March 2017. Only comments submitted using the template will be accepted.


If you require more information on the physical public consultation, please contact Mr Salahudin Yaacob (salahudin.yaacob@rspo.org), Mr Jan van Driel (janvandriel@rspo.org) or Ms Premalatha Mogan (premalatha.mogan@rspo.org).  


We look forward to hearing from you soon.