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Notice of Non-Association: Gelora Impian Ventures Website

The indicated company have through their websites http://www.geloraimpvent.com/ and / or http://www.geloraimpvent.com/index-2.htm  published information of an alleged association with  the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

We confirm that this is false information and that the RSPO is not associated and / or in any way connected with the owners / operators of the website purportedly known as Gelora Impian Ventures.

All and any representation, statements and / or claims in the above website which relate to the RSPO are untrue, false and its association with the RSPO is non existent. These include the facts that:

Gelora Impian Ventures is NOT a member of RSPO

Gelora Impian Ventures did NOT spearhead RSPO "to improve the sustainability credentials and practices of the palm oil industry"

Gelora Impian Ventures “operations” are NOT “RSPO certified”

Gelora Impian Ventures does NOT “conform to RSPO Principles and Criteria on sustainability” and is NOT “one of the first companies to be certified and the first producer of palm oil to achieve this standard for smallholders

Dr. Simon Lord is NOT the Head of Research, nor an employee nor in any way connected to Gelora Impian Ventures.