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Mill List Submission in MyRSPO

At the 15th Annual General Assembly (GA15) of RSPO members in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Resolution GA15-6b was adopted. This resolution requires all RSPO palm oil supply chain actors to make the list of their supplying mills (both RSPO certified and non-certified) publicly available. The list should include the mill name, the country where the mill is located, the mill’s GPS coordinates, and the name of the parent company who owns the mill.

In response to this, the RSPO Secretariat has created a platform called the Mill List in MyRSPO. The platform allows members to upload their mill list as a URL or as a file. This information will also be made public on the member’s profile on the RSPO website.

The platform is ready for use (29 July 2020) and we invite all supply chain actor members to upload the mill list at their earliest convenience. We kindly request this information be updated by RSPO members on a bi-annual basis.

Please download the user guide on the Mill List submission process below. Should you require further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact certification@rspo.org.