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Market Tools for Sustainable Palm Oil

RSPO would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming ‘Market Tools for Sustainable Palm Oil’ seminars, hosted by Wild Asia, in Amsterdam from 12-13 June and Cologne from 17-18 June.

Designed for companies and auditors, this course provides a solid foundation for understanding the RSPO certification system. Companies can learn to utilise the RSPO Supply Chain Certification system as a marketing tool to transform the market for sustainable palm oil. Auditors can gain a deeper insight into RSPO certification and boost their competency on the subject. The two-day seminar focuses on RSPO’s Supply Chain Certification (SCC) and RSPO Market Claims. Participants will gain a better understanding of palm oil and its business risks, and to explore emerging tools to promote sustainable palm oil. This seminar is led by Wild Asia’s Dr Reza Azmi, a leading figure in promoting sustainable palm oil in producing regions globally.

This course is organised by Wild Asia, an endorsed-training provider by the RSPO. The RSPO Supply Chain Certification content is part of Wild Asia's RSPO Lead Auditor Series for professional competency for auditors.

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