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Important update on RSPO’s contact information

Earlier this year we shared an announcement to advise that the global headquarters of the RSPO Secretariat had relocated offices. In addition to this, after being unable to resolve certain technical issues, our contact telephone numbers have now also changed to the following:

Main line: +603 2201 4646 

Fax line: +603 2202 0527

Human Rights Defenders Hotline: +603 2202 1771

Please note that the email information for all RSPO departments remain the same and you may reach out to us via one of the below:

ACOP Team (acop@rspo.org)

Certification Unit (certification@rspo.org)

Finance Unit (finance@rspo.org)

Membership Fees (accounts@rspo.org)

Membership Helpdesk (membership@rspo.org)

Smallholder Unit (smallholder@rspo.org)

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.