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Extension of deadline for RSPO Case Register to 30 November 2019

RSPO would like to announce that the No Deforestation Task Force (NDTF) has extended the deadline for submissions to the RSPO Case Register (Indicator 7.12.2 & Annex 5) to 30 November 2019. This extension is to allow ample time for members to identify and register applicable cases of land clearing within their operations. All registrations of applicable land clearing cases must be completed by 5:00 pm (GMT +8) on 30 November 2019. Any submissions after this deadline shall not be accepted and the requirements of Indicator 7.12.2 (b) of the 2018 Principles and Criteria (P&C) shall apply.

Please note that the extension only applies to the deadline for the registration of cases. The applicability requirements as mentioned in the Interpretation of Indicator 7.12.2 and Annex 5 and previous announcements remain the same.

For enquiries, please write to the RSPO Secretariat at nodeforestation@rspo.org