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Development of RSPO Decent Living Wage Definition & Methodology


The RSPO is seeking for a consultant and/or an organisation to develop recommendations for a definition and methodology, and options for implementation, of a sector-specific decent living wage standard, for public consultation and consideration by the RSPO/P&C Task Force.  

There has been a general recommendation from the P&C Task Force to provide more detailed information on what a Decent Living Wage entails and how it can be calculated within the oil palm sector.

While it was acknowledged that benefits and compensation beyond the basic wage are already being provided by many growers, it was recommended to include specific decent living wage elements – i.e., food, water, housing and accommodation, health care, transportation, clothing, contractual bonuses, and other needs – as part of the indicator, to provide more clarity on what is being proposed.

The terms of reference for this study with details could be downloaded below. Please send in your proposal and quotation together with a complete profile to Kamini Visvananthan and Julia Majail at by 4 September 2017.