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Certification Body NSF Knight Withdrawal from RSPO Scheme

Following the decision to withdraw from RSPO Scheme, NSF Knight will cease to carry out RSPO audits from 1 January 2018. Their clients / certificate holders are required to transfer their certification to another CB as stated below:

The process to transfer certification to other CB's for clients of NSK Knight:

1. Certificate holder selects alternative ‘new’ CB

2. New CB contacts NSF Knight for:

   a. Previous audit report (including details of non-conformances)

   b. Confirmation that any non-conformances identified have been closed

3. New CB reviews application and information supplied

4. Certificate issued by new CB maintaining scope and expiry of current certification

To get more info on the matter above, please contact Alison Friel at afreil@nsf.org or Premalatha Mogan at premalatha.mogan@rspo.org