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Announcement: Generic Checklist for audits against RSPO P&C 2013

(Only applicable to Certification Bodies that are accredited for RSPO P&C)


The RSPO Secretariat is pleased to announce that a generic audit checklist with the title of “Generic Checklist for Audits against RSPO P&C 2013”  has been developed in order to support and provide guidance to auditors in assessing compliance of each requirement.


There are four sections in this document:

Section 1 – Template for Records

Section 2 – P&C Checklist

Section 3 – Checklist for Supply Chain Audit of the Mill

Section 4 – Checklist on elements stipulated in the RSPO System Document


Certification Bodies (CBs) that are accredited for RSPO P&C are strongly encourage to adopt this document for any new audits as well as annual surveillance audits (ASAs) and incorporate the additional requirements of the NIs into the checklist. This document can be used now.


The “Generic Checklist for Audits against RSPO P&C 2013” is available HERE.


For further clarification, please contact Salahudin Yaacob, Technical Director of RSPO  (salahudin.yaacob@rspo.org); Jan Van Driel, Head of Certification of RSPO (janvandriel@rspo.org) or Eileen Chiang, Certification Executive of RSPO (eileen.chiang@rspo.org).