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Addendum to PalmGHG Manual

PalmGHG requires 12 months’ data for a complete calculation of GHG emissions. This 12 months data period can either be from January to December or July to June at the discretion of the company.

1) January to December (one cut-off option) follows starting of calendar year. By using this data period, it will be a synchronized reporting with Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) and simple for analysis.

2) July to June (two cut-offs option) follows start of calendar year of July – June period. By using this data period, there won’t be possibilities for two consecutive audit reports using the same GHG data. However, this will be challenging for analysis as the report will not be synchronized with ACOP reporting.  

Kindly refer to PalmGHG Manual and for further information, please contact devaladevi@rspo.org.