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2017 Application submissions for RSPO Smallholder Impact Project and Smallholder Certification Project is closing soon

The second and final application submission for 2017 for a Smallholder Certification Project and Smallholder Impact Project is closing on 15 September, 2017. RSPO is encouraging smallholders to apply for these grants now.

Endorsed by the Board of Governors in 2013, the RSPO Smallholders Support Fund (RSSF) was created as a platform that directly provides financial support to independent smallholders in oil palm producing regions to improve their livelihoods.

The RSSF has since committed USD $ 2.1 million and is supporting smallholders across nine countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Thailand, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Honduras, Cote D'Ivoire, and Tanzania.

What can the funds be used for?

(i) One-Off Audit Cost Project - 100% of the audit costs of all potential certification processes of independent smallholder groups, with the option to include one surveillance audit for each applicant. The funding does not include Pre-Audit Assessment. Applications for funding for a One-Off Audit Cost Project is available throughout the year

(ii) Smallholder Certification Project - this RSSF grant goes towards activities that contribute to preparing for certification, such as; paying for Better Management Practices (BMP) training,  starting the elaboration of a documentation system, or strengthening the organisation's internal control system.

(iii) Smallholder Impact Project - this refers to any projects other than the above and excludes Smallholder Certification Audit Costs. The RSSF also supports initiatives to develop tools that help smallholders to comply with RSPO certification. These can include LUCA assessment, HCV assessments etc.

For both (ii) and (iii), there are two cycles of funding available each year; with submission deadlines being 15 March and 15 September.

To ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity to apply for an RSSF grant this year, please submit your full proposal by 15 September 2017 via email: rssf@rspo.org. Any incomplete proposals will not be processed. For further information or guidance, please click here and to access the necessary RSSF application forms, please click here.