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1st Annual UPM-RSPO Academic essay competition on Sustainable Palm Oil 2014

The theme of the competition is "Sustainability: What's Next?", which is adopted from the 12th RSPO Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT12). RT12 aims to look past what sustainability meant and consider its redefined purpose and meaning. It also looks at trends to know what is the evolutionary path of sustainability and how do we prepare for it. The competition provides the platform to both ask the difficult question as well as attempting to answer them.

Opened to all UPM undergraduate and graduate students. Students are invited to write an original essay that addresses the following topics:

Undergraduate Essay Topics:

"The future of palm oil industry: An assessment of social, economic and environmental sustainability."

Winner: RM2000

1st Runner up: RM1200

2nd Runner up: RM700

Graduate Essay Topic"

"Redefining sustainability in palm oil industry: Challenges and opportunities."

Winner: RM3000

1st Runner up: RM2000

2nd Runner up: RM1000