Membership Application

Ordinary and Affiliate Membership

For applicants directly involved in the palm oil supply chain; representing a NGO; representing an organisation that is not directly involved in the palm oil supply chain; and individuals.

Ordinary Member

  • Smallholder Group Manager
    • € 2,000 per year (More than 1,999 ha)
    • € 1,000 per year (1,000 to 1,999 ha)
    • € 250 per year (Less than 1,000 ha)
  • Outgrower
    • € 500 per year (500 ha and below)
    • € 250 per year

Supply Chain Associates Membership

For applicants working with an organisation that has business activities along the palm oil supply chain but limited to purchasing, using, or trading no more than 500 metric tonnes of palm oil and palm oil products annually.

    • € 100 per year

What happens after submission

All membership applications go through a process whereby background research is undertaken. Submitted documents are reviewed; input is received from various stakeholders followed by a final approval from the RSPO Secretary General upon endorsement from the Board of Governors. Any appeals to applications declined will be handed by an Arbitration Board.

Membership of the RSPO includes a 2-year commitment consecutively with membership fees payable annually. Membership is renewable annually thereafter.

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