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14 May 2011


Oscar A/S


Supplier of good taste

Carefully chosen raw materials, non-compromising preparation and continuous product development. All of it with one purpose; the good taste. OSCAR sauces, soups and bouillons guarantee a successful result, whether it is the daily cooking, food for guests or professional culinary art in large scale catering establishments or restaurants.

We respect chef's pride, and it is reflected in the dedication that we display in both development and preparation.
Our chefs develop more than 100 recipes per year. Our products are tested by sensory panels where we invite consumers, chefs and kitchen managers to participate.

We continuously look ahead and develop new alternatives, new trends and unique new products that at non-GMO and free from taste enhancers, preservatives and colorings.

With OSCAR in the kitchen, innovation and tradition go hand in hand which makes us an attractive partner for professionals. Let us create value and development together.


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