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14 May 2011

BNP Paribas


www.bnpparibas.com) is one of the six strongest banks in the world*. The Group has a presence in 74 countries and round 190,000 employees, including more than 160,000 in Europe. It ranks highly in its three core activities: Retail Banking, including Domestic Markets and also International Financials Services, and Corporate & Investment Banking. In Europe, the Group has four domestic markets (Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg) and BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the leader in consumer lending. BNP Paribas is rolling out its integrated retail banking model across the Europe-Mediterranean zone and boasts a large network in the western part of the United States. In its Corporate & Investment Banking and International Financials Services, BNP Paribas also enjoys top positions in Europe, a strong presence in the Americas and solid and fast-growing businesses in Asia.

ACOP Report Submissions

2017 bnp paribas-ACOP2017.pdf 35.4 KB
2016 bnp paribas-ACOP2016.pdf 35.4 KB
2015 bnp paribas-ACOP2015.pdf 26.3 KB
2014 bnp paribas-ACOP2014b.pdf 23.7 KB
2013/2014 bnp-paribas-ACOP2014.pdf 25.5 KB
2012/2013 BNP PARIBAS.pdf 22.6 KB
2011/2012 ACOP2012_BI_5-0013-11-000-00-62.pdf -

Organisation's Commitments Toward Sustainability

  • How will your organisation promote the RSPO internally and to other stakeholders?
    BNP Paribas has established its own policy (available on its website) as to how it will approach palm oil business. Part of this policy involves being an active member of the RSPO and encouraging others to do so.
  • Where relevant, what processes is the organisation establishing to engage with interested parties, for example to resolve conflict or to use sustainably produced palm oil?
    BNP Paribas has established its own policy (available on its website) as to how it will approach palm oil business
  • Where relevant, how will your organisation work towards implementing the RSPO Principles and Criteria or assessing supplier performance against these criteria?
    BNP Paribas'palm oil policy sets out its critieria.
  • Any other information that would support the application such as what your organisation hopes to gain from joining RSPO and how it would support RSPO?
    We look to support the RSPO - its initiatives and objectives - and believe the best way of doing this is to be a member of the organisation.
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