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SCAMARK is a subsidiary of E. LECLERC, first retailer on the French Market with a market share of about 20%.
SCAMARK was created in 1997, and is dedicated to the development and distribution of E. LECLERC's private label products for E. LECLERC's stores mostly in France but also in Europe, in compliance with the needs of our consumers and clients.
SCAMARK do not own any industrial factory, nor manufacture the products. The production is carried out by specialized suppliers to whom the products are bought according to SCAMARK's specifications.
SCAMARK develop food and non-food products: grocery, beverages, fresh food HPC.
Products are sold under 3 main brands:
- 'MARQUE REPERE' the best quality/price ratio of the market, alternative to famous national international brand marks (5200 products)
- 'ECO+' the lowest price discount products of the market (670 products)
- 'NOS REGIONS ONT DU TALENT' typical French regional products (430 products)

Sustainability has been one of E.LECLERC and SCAMARK's top priorities for a long time.
SCAMARK acts on several levels, based on a strong partnership with its suppliers on different topics:

Reduction of environmental impact of products and their packaging (life cycle approach)
Implementation of good environmental practices in factories
Education of consumers
Sustainability of raw material used in the products
Best ethical practices
For more details see: http://www.e-eleclerc.com/marquerepere/La-Marque/Demarche-environnementale/Accueil.aspx.
Concerning palm oil, SCAMARK policy is part of E.LECLERC's 'FOREST PLAN', aiming at buying sustainable raw materials and products (wood, palm oil, paper, etc)
SCAMARK's palm oil consumption represents about 7 000 tons/year (2017).
In compliance with E.LECLERC's Palm Oil Policy and commitments, here are our objectives:

To develop products with a sourcing of palm oil 100% sustainable
To train our teams and colleagues
To imply our suppliers
To inform the final consumers
To ensure the complete transparency of our actions with a scope, goals and results communicated annually.
SCAMARK sells about 3.4 billion products/year for a turnover of 3.5 billion euro.
(Attachment E.LECLERC's Palm Oil Policy (in French))
As a consequence, our suppliers using palm oil will be requested to offer products made with sustainable fat: either substitute palm oil for another raw material with less environmental impact, or buy sustainable palm oil when the substitute is not possible for technological or organoleptic reasons. They shall use one of the three systems of sustainable palm oil: Mass Balance, Identity preserved or segregated.
SCAMARK intends to promote RSPO by the means of its website www.marquerepere.com but also by appealing our suppliers to get RSPO certified.
Joining the RSPO is one of SCAMARK's priorities in order to fulfill its environmental commitments and targets. We will ensure the best transparency towards our clients and customers, and of course inform regularly the RSPO on our activities, promotion, implementation and consumption of sustainable palm oil production.

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