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20 September 2010


Gb Plange UK Ltd


Gb Plange UK’s business is based on the manufacture and supply of innovative functional bakery ingredients to the bread and bakery products sector located in the UK and Ireland. The company operates from its sales and technical centre in Runcorn, Cheshire which houses state of the art laboratories and one of the UK's most modern test bakeries. The majority of the company’s product range falls into the category of ‘Bread Improvers’ also known as ‘Dough Conditioners’. These ingredients are added to fermented bread and bread type products to provide functional benefits such as improved volume, crumb softness, dough relaxation, shelf-life extension etc. The company operations are solely in a B2B.Our MissionTo provide high quality and innovative products that improve business value.To be our customers’ preferred bakery ingredients supplier valued for our strict customer orientation and professionalism.To combine our local customer proximity, focus and dedication with the capabilities of an international bakery ingredient expert through leading edge innovation, outstanding customer service and supply chain excellence.To develop and nurture the dedication and commitment of our people who share passion for baking and baked goods.


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