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Palm Oil Processors and/or Traders



Member since

22 March 2010


Industrial Danec SA

PERFIL DE LA ORGANIZACI�N Objetivos:         Alcanzar una productividad mínima de 1.45 Misión: Hacer que el mercado y el consumidor que nos perciba como suministradores de valor en todos nuestros bienes y servicios sean estos industriales o de consumo. Áreas de actividad: Industrial Danec es parte del mayor grupo empresarial del Ecuador, en el ramo de las oleaginosas, partiendo desde nuestras propias plantaciones, creamos fuentes de trabajo, allí desarrollamos las materias primas que luego transformamos en aceites, margarinas, grasas para uso doméstico e industrial en nuestra fábrica. El proceso se lleva a cabo bajo un estricto control  de calidad. Los  procesos se encuentran en innovación constante a fin de ofrecer a los consumidores la mejor alternativa, en calidad, precios y oportunidad de abastecimiento, atiende el mercado de consumo masivo e industrial, en el que somos altamente reconocidos a nivel nacional e internacional. Contamos con áreas  de Investigación y Desarrollo equipadas con alta tecnología, lo que nos permite desarrollar productos de la más alta calidad y confiabilidad.    En convenio con el CIRAD, se mantienen programas de investigación y experimentación en los campos de nutrición y enfermedades de la palma en Latino América; así como el desarrollo de variedades genéticas resistentes a enfermedades . Actuamos con responsabilidad, respeto y honestidad como valores fundamentales, hacia nuestra gente, los consumidores, la sociedad y el medio ambiente.    PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION Objetives: Achieve a minimum productivity of 1.45 Misión: Making the market and consumers who perceive us as providers of value in all our goods and services whether they are industrial or consumer- Areas of activity Industrial Danec is part of Ecuador's largest business group within the field of oil, starting from our own plantations, create jobs, develop the raw materials there then transformed into oils, margarines and fats for industrial and domestic use in our factory. The process is carried out under strict quality control. The processes are in constant innovation to offer consumers the best choice, quality, price and timeliness of supply, serving the mass consumer market and industry in which we are highly recognized nationally and internationally. We have  areas equipped with high technology, allowing us to develop products of the highest quality and reliability. In agreement with CIRAD, is maintaining programs of research and experimentation in the fields of nutrition and diseases of the palm in Latin America, and the development of genetic varieties resistant to disease. We act with responsibility, respect and honesty as core values to our people, customers, society and environment.

ACOP Report Submissions

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Organisation's Commitments Toward Sustainability

  • How will your organisation promote the RSPO internally and to other stakeholders?
    a) complying with national regulations regarding land use and environmental
    b) distribution and sale of seeds of palm plants certified to ensure the profitability of production (attention to quality planting materials)
    c) training for stakeholders in the management and use of pesticides, pesticides, and control practices that minimize erosion and soil degradation. and other associated techniques
    d) waste management
    e) contribution to local economic development through education programs that were developed internally with employees and train employees and external growers sustainability of long-term soil
    f) social impacts
    g) community development ( see point 2)
    h) developing and training its human resources to grow as people (ejm education programs in partnership with IRFEYAL which firms organize themselves and establish group within the same educational IRFEYAL some extensions).
  • Where relevant, what processes is the organisation establishing to engage with interested parties, for example to resolve conflict or to use sustainably produced palm oil?
    a) The group carries out activities in support of the community (in Shushufindi, San Lorenzo and Quininde) on issues of health, education and social area

    b) economic aid to teachers

    c) Support for various institutions of Health, Education and Public
    Physician visits to Community Schools (health talks)
    Support: Judicial Police
    Parish Board
    Social Development Foundation
    Schoolhouses (building materials)
    Road maintenance, among others

    d) We are constantly working on social projects:

    Crops inclusive
    The direct beneficiaries are small producers who participated in this project from the fourth year, once the crop comes into production, will have stable income, rising to sixth year and almost remained stable until the end of crop cycle which we estimate at 25 years, which guarantees them a decent life for himself and his family and with the clear expectation of further growth.

    Through technical assistance that will provide the sponsoring company will ensure that agricultural work and application of different plant protection products for cultivation are implemented and implemented in a timely manner and in amounts corresponding to a technical management.
    The sponsoring company apart from providing the plants, supplies and technical assistance, undertakes to purchase 100% of production. While buying the entire production of fruit, the sponsoring company is committed to making the retention of the corresponding values for the producer to receive honors credit.

    The emphasis that the beneficiary is the country, as this is a project of profound social guarantees to persons belonging to the same honest work, cost-effective given the opportunity to give his family a decent life. With that the country achieves social stability in these marginal regions and achieved with this activity generate thousands of direct jobs and permanent, which will lower the unemployment rate and prevent further migration to our cities and abroad.
  • Where relevant, how will your organisation work towards implementing the RSPO Principles and Criteria or assessing supplier performance against these criteria?
    Our organization is identified with the RSPO principles and criteria for it has informed their partners their commitment to implementing them and has provided the beginning of the activities required to qualify Danec sa as a member of RSPO
    The status of implementation of the RSPO is summarized in Question 1
  • Any other information that would support the application such as what your organisation hopes to gain from joining RSPO and how it would support RSPO?
    Not relevant
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