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13 February 2016


Sidilco Suikerwerkfabriek B.V.


Founded in 1952, Sidilco has been creating sugar decorations for more than 60 years. Our family-owned company is currently run by the third generation.

Our history began with the production of Nonpareils (100?s & 1000?s balls). The following decades we added sugar decorations such as Decocelli, Decograin, Decocrystals and Coated Aniseed products that all perfectly fit into our sugar dragee production process.

We can build on many years of experience working with customers from various industries: pastry, ice cream, candy, chocolate and biscuits. Our ability to empathise and cooperate with manufacturers, catering industry and wholesalers at home and abroad, has from the second half of the past century onwards, helped us to develop and expand our professional and flexible approach.

At Sidilco, your wish is paramount. Our proactive and creative approach allows you to find the best solutions in the area of innovative, colourful and tasty sugar decorations.

By actively listening to you and offering both positive and critical advice, we create a constantly new opportunities. Opportunities for you and your product, but also opportunities to optimise our business processes and to optimise the quality of our staff. With our sincere passion for colour and flavour, we strive to achieve 100% reliability in all our solutions, deliveries and commitments. We embrace a progressive approach towards natural colorants and concentrates and our full-flavour aromas deliver a powerful taste experience. Our entire process focuses on accommodating your specific sugar decoration needs.


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