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29 January 2016


Haubis GmbH


Haubis GmbH is a traditional Austrian family-run bakery that was founded in 1902. With around 800 employees more than 500 products are manufactured at factory sites in Petzenkirchen, Wieselburg, St. Valentin and Linz.
The product range includes pre-proofed deep frozen dough, pre-baked bread and pastries, the finest confectionery, pizza and snacks.
A sophisticated system of logistics with an own vehicle fleet ensure universal coverage across the whole of Austria each and every day!

Organisation's Commitments Toward Sustainability

  • How will your organisation promote the RSPO internally and to other stakeholders?
    The use of RSPO certified palm oil for our products in the future will be actively communicated to our customers as further sustainable benefit to buy Haubis goods. Internally RSPO and the use of RSPO certified palm oil is planned to be promoted through different meetings and trainings.
  • Where relevant, what processes is the organisation establishing to engage with interested parties, for example to resolve conflict or to use sustainably produced palm oil?
    RSPO Supply Chain Certification System is already scheduled. No conflicts or problems should occur.
  • Where relevant, how will your organisation work towards implementing the RSPO Principles and Criteria or assessing supplier performance against these criteria?
    Palm oil containing raw materials like margarine should be only sourced from RSPO members in the future. The correct implementation of RSPO Principles and Criteria will be checked during different audits.
  • Any other information that would support the application such as what your organisation hopes to gain from joining RSPO and how it would support RSPO?
    A gain is to exhibit a further sustainability benefit to buy Haubis goods. Joining RSPO and the active promoting is a visible sign of supporting sustainability and the RSPO philosophy.
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