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Consumer Goods Manufacturers



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26 November 2015

OTTO Cosmetic GmbH


Otto Cosmetic is a contract manufacturer and bottler of personal care products such as liquid soaps, shower gels and shampoos, and has been a partner of the branded goods industry for over 40 years. We offer a full service by being able to develop formulations and suiting packaging solutions, and also manufacturing and filling the bulk on site. As specialists with experience, we know what it takes. We have thus achieved GMP 22716 and IFS - HPC certifications.

ACOP Report Submissions

  • OTTO_Cosmetic_GmbH-ACOP2018.pdf
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    2017 otto cosmetic gmbh-ACOP2017.pdf 30.7 KB
    2016 otto cosmetic gmbh-ACOP2016.pdf 28.4 KB

    Organisation's Commitments Toward Sustainability

  • How will your organisation promote the RSPO internally and to other stakeholders?
    Internally, we will inform all coworkers about the decision to start working with RSPO and what it means. Furthermore, we will school all the affected departments, so the processes are adapted and the switch is done smoothly. In order to complete this task successfully, we will also contract a RSPO training, where the company that audits us will help understand RSPO better and will explain how to implement it.
    We will also communicate and promote RSPO to stakeholders such us our suppliers and customers, in order to inform them and make them understand, that the switch is not only inevitable but a necessary step towards sustainability.
  • Where relevant, what processes is the organisation establishing to engage with interested parties, for example to resolve conflict or to use sustainably produced palm oil?
    We are in close contact with our suppliers regarding the importance of offering raw materials that fulfill Mass Balance or even Segregated standards. We have invited them to a meeting where we disscused all this and emphasized its importance in the present and in the coming years due mainly to our customers, which demand RSPO.
  • Where relevant, how will your organisation work towards implementing the RSPO Principles and Criteria or assessing supplier performance against these criteria?
    We will follow the RSPO guidelines and communicate them inside our organisation to make them a principle our coworkers can follow. Also we will stay in contact with our curent suppliers and push to meet the RSPO goals and criteria, but also comparing which other suppliers can maybe offer a better service.
  • Any other information that would support the application such as what your organisation hopes to gain from joining RSPO and how it would support RSPO?
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